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 Video Service 

Share your Story Through Engaging Videos

Why do you think an Industry giant like Hewlett-Packard shares stories of its humble beginnings in a garage? This is how the company taps into the emotional levers of a customer. Let’s create a video that tells your story and finds that emotional connection with your audience.

Yoga Group

Build An Emotional Connection with your Audience.

Let your audience know who you really are - What is your story, how was the journey, what struggles did you overcome, and the efforts you take every day to bring them products that represent an effective solution to their problems.

Maxine Finn - Marriage Celebrant

“I love the video experience Craig and My Shout Out crew created to help boost my little business. Craig understood the vibe I wanted and worked within my limited budget to create something genuine and heartfelt that we could both be proud of. The ease and speed of communication made the whole process so easy. Now I am so excited to share my little video with the world.  Thanks Craig, sending butterfly kisses ”